Vulcan was founded with the commercial release of the critically acclaimed Valhalla & The Lord of Infinity, the first ever speech adventure for the Amiga platform. Achieving UK retailers best buy awards and becoming the most controversial release of its time, this one title established Vulcan as a mainstream software developer and publishing company that went on to create 15 award winning games over five years for the Amiga platform.

Vulcan developed an published Amiga floppy games with the release of Hilsea Lido the seaside simulator, the simplistically complex puzzle game Timekeepers and the second installment of their classic speech adventure Valhalla Before The War

Vulcan developed an published Amiga floppy games with the release of TimeKeepers II, the third installment of the classic speech adventure Valhalla & The Fortress of Eve, the most realistic 3D Amiga flight simulator JetPilot soon followed by Bograts

Vulcan published the Amiga floppy game Tiny Troops (the strategic war game from Mindscape) soon followed by Burnout and pushing Amiga development onto the CD format they founded the MegaSeries Amiga CD collection with the multiplayer beat-em-up The Strangers and the space age adventure Uropa2

Continuing the MegaSeries Amiga CD collection with the mythological adventure The Final Odyssey the stunning FPS 3D shooter Genetic Species, and finally the compilation CD Vulcanology.

All 15 of Vulcan's Amiga games received review scores over 90% with Genetic Species scooping 22 awards from press around the world, heralded as the fastest FPS 3D shooter the Amiga had ever seen, outselling rival title Amiga Quake

In January 2004, to celebrate Vulcan's 10th anniversary, all 12 episodes of the Valhalla Classics speech adventure are re-launched as downloadable 'stand alone' games for the PC with revamped graphics and a complete rerecording of actor digital speech. This process was repeated in June with all 8 worlds of Timekeepers