7 Floppy Disks
AGA Amigas
2Mb Chip & 4Mb Fast
Hard Drive Installable Only
100% Rendered Graphics
Hires 256 Colours At 25fps
Stereo Quality Musical Scores
Multi-play Options
Full Tournament Arenas
Knockout & Bonus Challenges

Won 4 Awards

The Miniseries Burnout

Burnout, The multi-player car bashing game where only the bravest can burn out, only the strongest, only the best! It's time to push the Amigas AGA chipset to its limits with fast furious multi-player action, impeccable production values and 'high resolution' graphics of astonishing quality.

Take control of one of 4 types of futuristic cars all rendered in superb detail, each with their own unique identities which obey newtonian mechanics. Battle it out against 3 other players either human or CPU controlled. You will need precision reflexes, cunning strategies and intelligent directional decisions to become the best. The arenas are of the highest image quality and contain four unique surfaces solid, bouncing barriers, voids and death zones. Improve your car by visiting the shop where ramming plates, armour, axtra speed, brakes and many weapons for mass destruction can be aquired.

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    89% Svet Kompjutera
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    85% Amiga Flame "fun, awsome graphics & music"
    84% The Games Machine
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