Valhalla And The Lord Of Infinity

In this first ever Amiga speech adventure you play the prince of Valhalla on a quest to enact vengeance for his father's death and claim his birthright. You have a vast and treacherous journey ahead of you and your only weapon is justice and the power of the spoken word

Inching your way through four episodes you will enter a world crammed with 100's of logical puzzles and over 50 interactive characters, and if all goes well you will eventually meet with the evil Lord of Infinity and have the chance to reclaim your kingdom

The world of Valhalla is presented in an 'over-head' scrolling display, where the prince roams freely. The unique design of this world allows a 'pseudo crossword puzzle' approach to logical problem solving by using the many objects you encounter and your immediate surroundings. Controlled by joystick you have simplistic options available to you, such as Take, Look, Drop, Insert and every action results in the prince talking directly to you via digitised speech, utilising a 1000 word vocabulary

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94% Amiga Action The most captivating game ever!
90% C.U. Amiga A ground breaking piece of software!
90% ITV Network When the Prince looks up, you just want to cry!
90% Channel 4 A ground breaking exploring game!
88% One Amiga Valhalla is unlike anything you've ever heard before!

    6 Floppy Disks
    All Amigas 1Mb Memory
    Playable from floppy
    Hard Drive Installable
    4,250k of Speech
    1,000 word vocabulary
    Atmospheric Music
    4 Vast Levels
    100`s of logical puzzles
    Joystick Controlled

Won 4 Awards

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