6 Floppy Disks
All Amigas 1Mb Memory
Playable from floppy
Hard Drive Installable
4,250k of Speech
1,000 word vocabulary
Limit Speech Option
Text On-Screen Option
In Game Help Option
Mouse Controlled

Won 4 Awards

The Miniseries Valhalla & The Fortress Of Eve

In this Third Ever Amiga Speech Adventure you play the King of Valhalla. The time has come for you to find a wife but all the eligible ladies have been kidnapped by Queen Eve and taken to a fortress far from Valhalla. Your task is to guide the King through the 4 massive levels, solving 100`s of logical puzzles and interacting with over 50 characters. Within Eves fortress you will encounter a strange and mysteriouse world full of treachery and distraction, do you possess the intellect to outwit Eve and help the King of Valhalla find the woman of his dreams?

The world of Valhalla III is presented in a `front-over` scrolling display where the King roams freely. The unique design of this world allows a `pseudo crossword puzzle` approach to logical problem solving by using the many objects you encounter and your immediate surroundings. Controlled by mouse you have many simplistic options available to you, such as Take, Look, Drop, Insert and every action results in the King talking directly to you via digitised speech, utilising a 1000 word vocabulary.

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    95% Amiga Review "Brilliant! It just keeps getting better!"
    94% Amiga Action "It`s back and better than ever!"
    92% Amiga Computing "Valhalla has come out tops once again!"
    90% Super Juegos
    88% C.U. Amiga "Fans of Valhalla will simply adore this!"

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