2 Floppy Disks
All Amigas 1Mb Memory
Playable from floppy
Hard Drive Installable
100's Of Zany Characters
Panoramic Parallax Scrolling
Uproarious Theatre Shows
100's of Real Life Scenarios
7 Interactive Playing Areas
40 Screens Of Building Area

Won 3 Awards

The Miniseries Hillsea Lido

The Seaside Simulator where you own a slice of the coastline! Put your business skills to the test as you endeavor to turn an empty stretch of beach into a sun drenched gold mine. You must employ cunning decision making in every aspect of the game. The positioning of your shops, the prices you charge for water sport hire, the shows you choose for your theatre and the amount you pay your staff are just a few of the many elements involved in building the finest seaside resort in the world.

Hillsea Lido covers 2 main areas of development, the promenade and the beach. Each area is presented in a 'front-on' parallax scrolling scene, where you can buy over 100 attractions from ice cream stalls to speedboat hire. The people who visit your seaside resort will react to their environment whether its surfing the waves, sunbathing or stuffing down fish & chips and if you advertise enough they will pour into your theatre and watch any of the 7 shows you have booked from Basils Bendy Balloons to Michael Jickson.

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    91% Super Juegos
    90% Amiga Computing "It's very addictive and plays brilliantly!"
    90% Pure Amiga "Another cracking good game from Vulcan!"
    87% Amiga Action "A game that people must play!"
    87% The One Amiga "Develop away to your hearts content! It's simtastic!"

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