The Miniseries
Suggestions For Success

There is no exact solution to Hillsea Lido as it can be played in a number of different ways but below we have listed some pointers that might help you on the road to success. In the first week buy a couple of shops (cheap ones) and one ride, this will establish that you have a resort to visit, book the cheapest act and advertise everyday on the promenade and beach, this will ensure that a few people will go to your show on Sunday and the revenue you make will allow you to expand in the next week, whatever show you book you should make sure that you are constantly advertising, if people don't know your show is on then they will not turn up to see it.

A clever trick later in the game is to place a lot of tables and chairs on your promenade and deck chairs on your beach, this will ensure people will sit down so when your advertiser walks past they will be enticed to visit the show.

    The best and most expensive shows are not necessarily the best money makers, but if you are rolling it in, then don't be mean! Give them what they want.

    Be careful when planning your shops locations, for example don't have two drink shops next to each other, if you watch a visitors levels as they walk around you will see that when they buy a hamburger they are full up for a while and even if they walk past another food shop they wont even consider another food type until their levels have reduced.

    Rides are good money earners but you will always find you can't get enough of them, the cheapest ride (rubber dinghy's) you should set the hire price at '100' then increase this with the next ride in line by another '100' so '100' for rubber dinghy's and '200' for pedolas etc. Make sure the commission paid to the hirer is adequate to make him smile, this will ensure he keeps the safety level down as much as he can and also be polite to the public.

    At all times make sure your shops and promenade is as clean as possible, if a visitor sees litter he/she might not come back the next day, the minute the bag lady appears it's an indication that you are in trouble.

    As you know you have to collect your lovely earnings from the shops and rides with the money collector. It's always a good idea to hire a security guard at the same time, just in case he gets mugged, make sure that the day doesn't click onto the next day half way through the money collectors route, if this happens then quickly hire the security guard again.

    Be careful where you put your changing huts, porta loos, donkey rides as these all smell, try to keep them bundled together also on the beach make sure you have enough room for people to build sand castles and sunbathe, you know yourself a crowded beach isn't always a good thing.

    I suppose the best way to ensure success is to eventually get the biggest shops and rides, but not necessarily the biggest length of resort, this is more for the challenged people as the bigger it is the harder it is to control, try this following example if you feel up to a challenge. Try to achieve the maximum amount of visitors, best shops and rides without ever lengthening your resort! It's tricky and requires allot of demolishing as you progress but it's fun!

Good luck you business person you!


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