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The Game Screen Shots Awards & Comments Credits Solutions Theseus Verses The Minotuar

Any Amiga with 2Mb Memory
68000 CPU, HD, 2x Speed CD
5 Massive Worlds
500 Screens of Action
Random & Underground Levels
Brain Bending Logical Puzzles
Superbly Animated Hero
Many Interactive Characters
5 Weapons
Loads of Monsters with AI
Lighting & Reflection Effects
3D Stereo Sound
Full Speech CD Manual

Won 8 Awards

Greek Mythology informs us that the King of Minos imposed an annual tribute for 6 girls to be shipped to Crete and thrown as food to the hideous creature called the Minotuar who resides in a vast magical labyrinth in Athens.
In this elaborate adventure game you play the part of Theseus who must solve the puzzles and mysteries of the Labyrinth, destroy the Minotaur and rescue all the girls that have been imprisoned.
The Final Odyssey combines advanced puzzle solving with plenty of action in over 500 screens of superb graphics. You will be armed with the most sophisticated weaponry and have to overcome hazzards like Electric Bolts, Pits, Spikes, Rolling Rocks, Homing Missiles, One-Way Paths, Invisible Walls, Trap Doors aswell as fighting fearsome monsters, interacting with characters and embarking on mini quests.

The unique dungeon designs creates a constantly changing and gloriously animated splendour coupled with 3D sound effects that create a world that is very hard to leave.


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