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68020 CPU, HD, 2x Speed CD
Keys, Joystick, Joypad, Mouse
AGA-CyberGfx-Picasso 8Mb
3D Texture Mapping
Sound Effects & CD Music
4 Levels with Multi Platforms
16 Characters & Enemies
High Artificial Intelligence
Massive Weapons Array
Portable Probe Device
200Mb 3D Rendered Intro

Won 22 Awards

Genetic Species offers invigorating and thrilling 3D action with texture mapping speeds never before seen on any Amiga entertainment title!

The visual experience and special effects are matched only by the speed, response time and gameplay, embark on many multi-level missions throughout this violent 3D world which demands elements of warfare and puzzle solving.

Aswell as many horrific weapons at your disposal you will also be equipped with the latest Portable Probe Device (PPD) were you will be able to Psyche travel through your environment and engage in Body Transfers to assume the identity of other Characters.

Exchanging of entities with over 16 different characters to choose from, will prove very useful in your strategy aswell as giving you the best attributes required for certain aspects of your missions.


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