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I am experiencing problems mounting the Genetic Species CDRom?

    Genetic Species was burned using a new ISO standard called "ISO9660". Some of the older Amiga CDRom file systems do not support this standard and will result in a corrupt file structure being displayed. We advise that you obtain one of the following 100% tested CDRom mounting systems.

      AmiCDFileSystem (Not Tested)
      AsimCDFS (Works 100%)
      QDriveFileSystem (Not Tested)
      CDRom-Handler (Works 100%)
      CDFileSystem (Corrupt CD Filestructure)
      CDplusplusFS (Works 100%)
      AmiCDFS (Works 100%)
      CacheCDFS (Corrupt CD Filestructure)

When I run `UseCDLibs` then run `Genetics` my system freezes after the animation and introductions.

    "UseCDLibs" forces Genetics to use the cd.device supplied on the GS CDRom. If you are not using the cd.device to access your CD then your system could freeze or crash when entering the game. Our advice is to not use the "UseCDLibs" program.

If I don`t run "UseCDLibs" I cannot get any Digital sound from within GS.

    That`s because the AHI system is on the GS CDRom, you should copy the contents of the GS CDRom "L" "LIBS" "DEVS" and "C" directories into your Hard Drive equivalent locations to install AHI on your Hard Drive. Note: Do not copy the "cd.device" file from the "DEVS" directory if you are using another device to read the data on the CD.

AHI Does not seem to like me?

    Before you start the game you must be aware that the AHI requester does not like it if you have audiomodes in DEVS:Audiomodes/ without having the right soundboard for these modes. The result can be everything from a crash to no sound.

    If you do not have a Concierto soundboard then Delete DEVS:Audiomodes/Concierto
    If you do not have a Delfina soundboard then Delete DEVS:Audiomodes/Delfina
    If you do not have a MaestroPro soundboard then Delete DEVS:Audiomodes/MaestroPro
    If you do not have a Melody soundboard then Delete DEVS:Audiomodes/Melody
    If you do not have a Prelude soundboard then Delete DEVS:Audiomodes/Prelude
    If you do not have a Toccata soundboard then Delete DEVS:Audiomodes/Toccata
    If you do not have a Wavetools soundboard then Delete DEVS:Audiomodes/Wavetools

Some AHI Audiomodes don't seem to work on my system?

    This could be the AHI 'CPU Usage Limit'. You might have to enter the 'SYS:Prefs/AHI' program and click 'Advanced Settings', change the 'CPU Usage Limit' to 100% then save these new settings.

I cannot get CD Audio from within Genetic Species?

    This is probably because you are using another CD device driver other than the "cd.device", if so then simply download the latest Genetic Species Executable (version 2.00) which triggers the CD audio tracks regardless of what CD device driver you use.

I cannot get Genetic Species to recognize my Graphics Card?

    Genetic Species will run on CyberGraphics and PicassoIV graphics cards, but cleverly enough the "LIBS:rtgmaster.library" was not included on the GS CDRom. A1000, A2000 and A3000 Graphic card owners will have to download the rtgmaster installation archive from aminet before they will be able to run Genetic Species whereas other graphic card owners will be forced to an AGA mode until they obtain the rtgmaster.library.

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